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 Here are a few of the testimonials social cactus has received from clients who have taken part in a variation of our smm coaching programmes.

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Mee Miranda - testimonial

1:1 Success Coaching

“I signed on with Amy for her 1-1 coaching programme after following her journey for the last year.I was at a point where I was resenting my business, and I knew something had to change, I just didn’t know what. 

After a discovery call with her (which I was hesitant to do in the first place) I was convinced that she could help me create the business I had dreamed of creating. 

I have spent the last year trying to figure out who I wanted to serve, and what my dream was for my business, even after working with other coaches and doing all sorts of courses and workshops, I still didn’t know and within just a few weeks of working with Amy she helped me figure it all out. 

She has helped my business go from working what felt like ten thousand hours a week and earning pennies, to working with dream clients and earning 5k a month. She didn’t just help with business though, she helps with mindset, blocks you might have (which I had plenty) and is just there for you to support you along the way which is what I love the most. 

I have worked with coaches in the past where after your chat on the phone you can’t ask them questions until your next call, with Amy, she is there checking in on you and supporting you on the days between calls which is the best part. 

Not only has she completely transformed my business, I also feel like I have made a really great friend. 10/10 would recommend investing your money with her if you’re wanting to invest in anything for your business.”


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1:1 Success Coaching

“It sounds cliche but before working with Amy I was ready to give up on this dream of mine. I honestly felt like it just wasn’t going to happen for me. 

Well that was only a few short months ago. Now? 

I’ve upped my prices, designed a epic coaching program and honestly for the first time ever truly believe I CAN DO THIS. I can’t thank Amy enough, she is a game changer.

Meet Shaylie - testimonial
Meet vanisha - testimonial

Magnetic Marketing

“Running my own business for the last few years has meant I have been running around exhausted quite literally a number of times! I was struggling with over working and seriously needed to find a better effective way to work. 

I had been following Amy for a while and loved seeing her energy, videos and amazing client results and wanted to find out more! She had a call with me and gave me some incredible advice but I knew this was not enough. I needed some sort of a strategy and accountability. 

The results I had over the first few weeks were unbelievable, the breakthroughs, smashing through that lack of self belief, working on my mindset and taking the next step to level up my Social Media Business. 

I am on a very exciting journey and am so happy, grateful and buzzing with excitement because I now have that structure I needed, that all important clarity, being able to work less and earn more! 

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Amy. I honestly cannot wait for the next few months!!


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“Ahhh I’m still on such a high from Friday!! i’ve taken so much action already and I’ve only felt so empowered to do so as you helped me break everything down into super achievable actions that I need to take each month to be able to hit my goals for the end of 2019!!

If anyone is on the fence about whether they should go for the High Vibe VIP Day with Amy…. JUST DO IT!! I promise you will not regret it! The value I received in just 1 day is so much more than anything I’ve gained from the thousands and thousands I’ve invested into online courses.

I’m so excited to smash these goals now!! Thank you so much Amy!!”

Meet ayse - testimonial

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Meet rebecca - tesimonial

Meet Rebecca Darkes

“Working with Amy has completely opened my eyes to how I can move my business forward. Before I started with Amy, I was completely stuck and just took everything day by day but not actually doing anything to grow my business. I didn’t know who my dream clients were, I didn’t have any routine to my day and I kind of knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it!

Since I invested in Magnetic Marketing, my approach to my business has completely changed! I know how to target my dream clients, how to approach them, I have set up social media training programmes and I know exactly what I need to do to be making the income I desire. Most importantly, my mindset has shifted. Amy was a constant support throughout the 8 weeks (and still is), kept us positive and helped us to believe in ourselves!

I hugely recommend working with Amy in whatever way you can! I didn’t have the money to invest when I booked on but I knew Its what I needed so I made it happen… and it certainly was!

A huge thank you to Amy!”



MEET natalie beausoleil

“Amy really helped me gain vision again in my business when I felt stuck and I really didn’t feel like I had any direction.

I didn’t have any momentum and honestly, I was really just in need of some help!

I decided to invest in myself and my business to gain some direction and that’s exactly what Magnetic Marketing did!

It was so amazing not only to have her help me shift the direction of my business and my prices but to tell me and give me permission to raise my prices!

She also helped me shift my mindset which was not something I anticipated but something that has been so monumental!”

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picture of testimonial for High Vibe VIP Day

Meet Karina Methven
High Vibe VIP Intensive Day

I absolutely loved my High Vibe VIP day with Amy!

She made me feel at ease before we even got there and was in constant contact from the very start.

This made it so easy to dive right in as soon as we arrived. Amy covered all of the areas I was really struggling with and made sure that I was completely happy with each step before we moved onto the next.

I now not only have an incredible plan for my business, but also the mindset and confidence to put it all into practice and smash my goals!

I am so excited!

Thank you so much Amy!



I’m just about to go on a round the world trip, not to mention I’m quite impatient, so Amy’s High Vibe VIP Intense Day was PERFECT for me.

Not only do you spend the most incredible 8 hours 1-1 with Amy, you also get to feel like a queen for the day at a beautiful hotel and lunch included.

Amy worked with me from the ground up, we explored my mindset and challenged any beliefs that were limiting me.

She taught me the importance of setting goals including the I AM ACTUALLY DREAMING GOALS which I’m so excited to achieve!!

And we also created a marketing strategy that works for my niche.

For me, the biggest thing I got out of this opportunity was accountability. Amy still regularly checks in with me and is ALWAYS there for a helping hand when those limiting beliefs pop their ugly head back up!!

I also feel like I’ve found a friend as well as one of my biggest supporters!

Thank you so much Amy.


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This will hands down be the best money you will ever spend. I can’t even begin to put into words how much working with Amy has changed my life.

She changed both my business and life at the same time. I was super over worked and was not charging nearly enough after having my business for 8 years.

I felt stuck, resentful and beyond tired. I am a mom of three and I was missing out on family time. This also started to impact my marriage.

I never took a vacation where I was not working. As soon as I started working with Amy it was the most light bulb moment. We restructured my entire business, I redid my rates and services, I ended up booking 13 clients in two months and making just over $15000.

I am a changed person and I have never been happier.

I also learned how important mindset work is and what a difference it makes. Amy will teach you how to internally make those changes and just like magic success will come after you work on making those mindset changes.


Meet Nicole towers
1:1 success coaching

Working with Amy from Social Cactus has been the absolute best investment. What better person to learn from than from someone who has walked in your shoes?

Before working with Amy, I’d been working as a social media manager for about a year but I hadn’t officially set up my own business. I was burnt-out, overworked and underpaid.

Amy supported me from the ground up to set up my social media business. During the 12 week 1:1 coaching program - I found my niche, conducted market research to attract my dream clients, reworked my price list, created a new service offering, signed my first 1:1 coaching client and so much more…

Amy takes a holistic approach so not only was I able to get all of my business systems in place but I also worked daily on my mindset. I really love my new morning routine of practising meditation, writing gratitude lists and working on my money mindset.

I’m now working smarter and not harder and because of this I’m able to spend a lot more time with my husband and our two children.

If you’re serious about moving your business forward then Amy’s the coach for you.

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